A new grouping of three flowers in a vintage Jello mold makes a fun and useful pincushion. Purchase at https://idasideas.etsy.com/listing/1687048383


I’ve created a KIT

Link to Kit 

… for making beautiful needle felted flowers. Here are some of the visuals. With it you can create two flowers and they can be a pincushion or a pin to wear on your jacket or pin on a bag.
It’s a beginner kit. So if you’re new to needle felting, this will be a fun starter project.


Two sets finished and packed

I wanted to pack them in a see through box and we had these on hand so...

Here is one set. The other one is very similar.



It's April 2021 and I'm still making Nativities

 The set in this plastic box is one I made for a friend who saw a set I had made and really liked it. I made the box to fit the set so she would have a place to store them. The sheep and baby basket are sitting on a bent piece of plastic with a hole cut into it to hold them up. She was delighted with it!


I created these two donkeys over two days to 
finish off my two Nativity sets below. I have someone who wants both--one for her and one for her daughter. Since taking this photo, I took my Copic markers and di some shading around the nose, eyes, and ears.

      There are two sets here up against my wool roving. Six pieces in each set. They are hopefully my last sets for the year. I used the last 3 wooden spools I had and made a three piece set that is listed on Etsy. I want to do something else.

This is Henry and Mila created for Henry for his 2nd birthday in March. He loved it! His older sister who will turn 5  this year already has her order in for hers with a 5 on the shirt.



More Needle Felting-----December 2020


     2020 Needle Felting

This is a Nativity set I felted for a friend 

for Christmas.

I hadn't seen her for a long time because 

we had moved and there was surgery and 

COVID and some other circumstances.



I thought it turned out very sweet. She 

loved it. The felt just seems to fit it and is 

soft and gives a feeling of warmth. 



I made another set of the three main characters

with 2 spools I had left and I crocheted the baby 

basket from dark hemp instead of the light in 

the other photo. The larger sheep's legs in the 

first set are made from natural wood golf tees. 

The eyes are small headed black pins and the 

head covering and blanket are woven fabric 

frayed at the edges.

These little characters I made were transformed into bookmarks for the grandchildren. I remade the orange 

cat that I felt like didn't work. I replaced it with a little boy head, I think.
In the back is a lion who was quite cute but doesn't show up well in the photo. 

I sewed a ribbon to each which you lay inside the book with the animal/object on top of the pages.


 A new grouping of three flowers in a vintage Jello mold makes a fun and useful pincushion. Purchase at  https://idasideas.etsy.com/listing/...