Headbands and Hair Clips

We did some new photos for another local store. The headbands are currently at Unwind and Piper's. I really like the rosebuds and I always enjoy the wonderfully colored wool roving from which they're made.


Wood and Wire and Pressed Flowers

I have created a new art piece. I used a plain wood frame and stained it with a burnt umber wash. I had the glass cut to fit it and then arranged and glued the pressed buttercups,  feverfew, and forget-me-nots between the panes of glass to look like a meadow. On the face of the frame I created a bee or butterfly ( you can decide) and a wire flower. They are made from rusty found wire and some new wire and rusty garden staples which had been used to hold landscape fabric in our garden. I took the photo in the garden so there are live plants behind.


Hello Cupcake

Janie asked me to make cupcake dogs or "pupcakes" for a BBQ for her dog show friends. We ended up making 16 for the party (Bethany came to my rescue) and I made another 8 for another BBQ. There were Chocolate Labs, Dalmations, Sheep Dogs, Dachshunds, and others. They are embellished with all kinds of candies: tootsie rolls, jelly bellys, candy coated sunflower seeds, marshmallows, mini Reese's Pieces and more. Here is a picture of just one kind of dog we made. Whatever it is!  Karen Tack has another book called, What's New, Cupcake!


Here are the most recent 20 of the 902 pincushions I needle felted from wool roving. They are sculpted with a special barbed needle from ...