Here are the most recent 20 of the 902 pincushions I needle felted from wool roving. They are sculpted with a special barbed needle from raw wool and  attached to a golf tee. They are designed to slip down inside of a spool of thread for easy access to pins and needles.
The very first ones were in December 2007, were given  to Collette, Ann, Charla, Diane, Karey, LeNea, Birgid, Linda, Carol, Amber, Mary Jane, Maxine, and Laurie.


Felted Nativities

I've been creating nativity figures on wooden spools.  I did make Mary on a peg doll form to make her a little slimmer. I made two sets. They are sculpted from raw wool with special needles. The wool becomes meshed into a solid form as the fibers interlock. That is the wonder of needle felting.. 


Zipper Pouches

I had seen these cute candy zipper bags and I wanted to make them. I ended up making 10 for my grandchildren for Christmas. We packed them with a gift card for a book and some candy. I then made 15 more from fabric for gifts and plan to put gift cards in them along with homemade lotion bars and a Kind Bar. We'll see what fits!
I watched YouTube videos from Missouri Star Quilts to learn just how to make them. I ordered a lot of zippers from Amazon and I used fabric from my stash as well as scraps of all my projects kept in my two plastic tubs.


Baskets and Bags

I crocheted 29 baskets of various sizes and colors. I also crocheted 26 bags--mostly large shopping bags but a few were scaled down small ones.

The baskets were mostly for birthdays and Christmas and the bags were just for fun to give out. Mary Jane scaled the pattern down and we crocheted some small kid sized ones.

I filled the baskets with toys and candy for all the grand-kids for Christmas 2017.

I used patterns which I found on the internet for both. I didn't have a pic of the bags.



I just love Alpacas. We even considered getting some while we lived at Forest Bend Drive in Cottonwood Heights when we had a full acre of property. Hunter and I went to an Alpaca show at the Expo Center in Sandy to see them a few years ago. They are adorable with those long eyelashes..


My Felting Disaster

I love the art work of these two artists, Mary Englebreit and Joan Walsh Anglund. I had a pretty good start at felting a picture of them and I'm glad I took a picture of it then.  I did some more work on it later putting lighter undertones in Mary's hair and giving more dimension to their noses by felting tiny balls of roving on each side of their noses. It was starting to look pretty good. Then one day, a call came to hurry and take someone to the ER. I didn't think to shut my door. Trixie, our dog, was busy while we were away. Somehow she just loves wool roving. I rolled up the torn up picture, entombed it and made it into a felted pincushion. After working for days on it, doing a lot of compacting with the felting needle, I took it to a Relief Society exchange of favorite things and the receiver was delighted! Will I try it again? Maybe. 

Pin Cushions in Vintage Tins

I have been using Vintage Jello tins for the base of my larger pincushions. Here are a few of them. Only the white Daisy and the Black-eyed Susan are still available.

5/9/2018  Note back from Paula A. : My mom just loved the bluebird! I won the best gift again this year! Thank you.



Here are the most recent 20 of the 902 pincushions I needle felted from wool roving. They are sculpted with a special barbed needle from ...