Appliqued and Emboidered Quilts

My first creative effort at quilt making was the elephant quilt I made for the Hogle Zoo in 2001. It is the one done in shades of green. I started making denim embellished quilts in 2002. I have made 3 or 4 and have 3 more ready to sew the tops together. I made one for each of my children. I made 2 pieced appliqued quilts for my 2 grandchildren. I designed the quilts and drew the animals. I really like the idea that each square is created and then they are pieced together. This allows me to take the block with me wherever I'm going and work on it. I didn't think I would like quilt making, but it can be very creative. I have many more pictures of these quilts and others I have done which I will add later.

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