Flowers, flowers everywhere

I went out and wrote down the names of all my perennial flowers for those who wanted starts and I was amazed at how many there were.
Here is the list: black-eyed Susans (gloriosa daisy), iris, echinacea (purple cone flower), dianthus (sweet william, pinks), coreopsis, buttercups (two varieties), heirloom hollyhocks, poppies (papery orange ones), campanula (bell flower), daylilies (orange--my mom called them corn lilies), forget-me-nots, feverfew (chamomile--Peter Rabbit's favorite),  lamb's ear, hens and chickens, phlox (tall and creeping), creeping Jenny, columbines, grape hyacinth, sweet woodruff, salvia, sedum (stonecrop), dragon's blood, and daisies ( a few were added to the original list).
I've heard back from some that their transplants are doing well. It's fun to share the things that you enjoy!


Marilyn said...

Ida, I LOVE your blog! It is just so original and refreshing. And as for your flower starts, may I say, thanks again for the hollyhocks! I love them more than any other flower in my yard!! You are an extraordinary woman. I hope you know that.

BeeKind said...

Hi, Ida - I love your blog, too. I get to it through Caron's blog. We went to the Ogden Quilt Guild Show on Wednesday. It was great! I took lots of pictures of quilts! I wish I had known your flowers were up there! We are excited about the hollyhock seeds you gave us, too!

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