Christmas Slippers

I made 11 pair of felted slippers for my family for Christmas. Three of them are not pictured because I sent them off to Michigan before I took a picture.
They are made from felted wool sweaters which I purchased from thrift stores or were given to me by family members. The pattern is on Martha Stewart's website.http://www.marthastewart.com/good-things/felt-slippers They have a template which I took to the copy store to enlarge to the various sizes I needed.
It was fun to decide how to embellish them. A lot of work, but a fun project.


Marilyn said...

Ida, you are so talented! I saw the slippers you made for Jon and Emily (and kids) - Sooo Cute! I am always amazed at your abilities!! Bravo!

Alicia said...

Oh, these are fantastic! I saw some similar slippers in Estonia last week, but the flowers and embellishments we're as wonderful as yours.

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