Fran and Friends Apron Pattern (in progress)

While finishing up the Fran and Friends Doll Purse pattern, my sister Margaret had an idea of a new pattern using  some of the same elements, the heads, arms, and hair of the original. Here is her sketch.

So after about three months work, I've come up with Fran and Friends Apron Pattern. I've written the directions, created the pattern pieces, sewn four sample aprons, and enlisted my husband, Hunter again to take the photos of the step by step directions. But this is not all it takes. My daughter, Bethany will again make magic with her graphic design and photographic skills in creating a beautiful pattern!

  (Here are three of the aprons for the pattern in progress, but I have since finished them and made changes in hairstyles, hair color, and added trims.)

                                 More to come!

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