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Finished Stocking
 I've just finished a Christmas stocking for Primary Children's Medical Center. By altering the Doll Purse Pattern, I came up with this little girl to put on it. Emily had asked me if I'd like to make a stocking and fill it for a little cancer patient!
I'm still working on the Apron Pattern. I've been making heads and the different hair styles and making sure they all fit together correctly. Checking through it all is perhaps the most tedious of the process but most important. I do end up with quite a few heads and hairpieces which I will use in later creations. The creative process is the really fun part of this endeavor!

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Hunter Hale said...

The Fran doll on the stocking is as cute as can be -- I was going to say as cute as a bug's ear, but I haven't seen a bug's ear and I'm sure that it isn't as cute as your stocking.