My Felting Disaster

I love the art work of these two artists, Mary Englebreit and Joan Walsh Anglund. I had a pretty good start at felting a picture of them and I'm glad I took a picture of it then.  I did some more work on it later putting lighter undertones in Mary's hair and giving more dimension to their noses by felting tiny balls of roving on each side of their noses. It was starting to look pretty good. Then one day, a call came to hurry and take someone to the ER. I didn't think to shut my door. Trixie, our dog, was busy while we were away. Somehow she just loves wool roving. I rolled up the torn up picture, entombed it and made it into a felted pincushion. After working for days on it, doing a lot of compacting with the felting needle, I took it to a Relief Society exchange of favorite things and the receiver was delighted! Will I try it again? Maybe. 

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