Needle Felted Flowers Pattern

Here it is! My pattern for needle felting flowers. It is actually my first pattern. Nancy's Notions has it in their Early Winter 2010 catalog. It is also in several shops in the Salt Lake City area. I have to give special thanks to my family for their expert abilities in photography, graphics, editing, and general encouragement. Also thanks to Lora and Kathy at Nancy's Notions for their encouragement and help. (Click the title of this post to see the pattern in their catalog).


Christmas Slippers

I made 11 pair of felted slippers for my family for Christmas. Three of them are not pictured because I sent them off to Michigan before I took a picture.
They are made from felted wool sweaters which I purchased from thrift stores or were given to me by family members. The pattern is on Martha Stewart's website.http://www.marthastewart.com/good-things/felt-slippers They have a template which I took to the copy store to enlarge to the various sizes I needed.
It was fun to decide how to embellish them. A lot of work, but a fun project.


Butterfly Gardening II

I created a second Butterfly Gardening to enter in the Utah State Fair since the first one would be away for a while. To my amazement it won Best of Show and rewarded me with $15.00, a lovely ribbon, and a large bag with Best in Show printed on it. Thanks to Jeff and Katie for the photo and turning it right side up for me.

Two sets finished and packed

I wanted to pack them in a see through box and we had these on hand so... Here is one set. The other one is very similar.