Cedar City

We went to the Shakespearean Festival in Cedar City, Utah last week. We enjoyed three plays: Great Expectations--the musical, The 39 Steps, and Pride and Prejudice. I took my knitting along  (I'm making felted puzzle slippers) and we accidentally took movies instead of pictures (so no picture). While walking back to our car, we took some pictures of a plant the gardener called Woolly Mullein.  Somehow I erased the photos so I'll try to explain how the plant looks. It is gray and fuzzy and the thick stems or stocks curve out and are taller than the other plants. It has yellow flowers. The gardener gave me a piece of a stalk with seed pods on it so I could try to grow it. During our time in Cedar City, I was on the hunt for antique stores  and found Betty's on 1181 South Main (well really on a frontage road East of Main Street). Hunter took movies of the place. It is and acre or more of old stuff:  old farm equipment, treadle sewing machine bases, metal bed frames, tractor seats, and plenty of junk. I found a tractor seat to affix to an old Russian Olive tree stump in our yard for a seat. On the way back home we stopped at our favorite store in Fillmore and bought ribbon and rick-rack for 15 cents a yard. It is a  home improvement store that has morphed into a all and everything store. They now have an on line store. They carry Wilton products, party supplies, Halloween costumes, etc. I'm a treasure/bargain hunter and have heard of another store in Salt Lake I want to go to that has collectibles. I enjoy making things from collectibles and found objects.


 A new grouping of three flowers in a vintage Jello mold makes a fun and useful pincushion. Purchase at  https://idasideas.etsy.com/listing/...