Headbands and Hair Clips

We did some new photos for another local store. The headbands are currently at Unwind and Piper's. I really like the rosebuds and I always enjoy the wonderfully colored wool roving from which they're made.


Wood and Wire and Pressed Flowers

I have created a new art piece. I used a plain wood frame and stained it with a burnt umber wash. I had the glass cut to fit it and then arranged and glued the pressed buttercups,  feverfew, and forget-me-nots between the panes of glass to look like a meadow. On the face of the frame I created a bee or butterfly ( you can decide) and a wire flower. They are made from rusty found wire and some new wire and rusty garden staples which had been used to hold landscape fabric in our garden. I took the photo in the garden so there are live plants behind.


Hello Cupcake

Janie asked me to make cupcake dogs or "pupcakes" for a BBQ for her dog show friends. We ended up making 16 for the party (Bethany came to my rescue) and I made another 8 for another BBQ. There were Chocolate Labs, Dalmations, Sheep Dogs, Dachshunds, and others. They are embellished with all kinds of candies: tootsie rolls, jelly bellys, candy coated sunflower seeds, marshmallows, mini Reese's Pieces and more. Here is a picture of just one kind of dog we made. Whatever it is!  Karen Tack has another book called, What's New, Cupcake!


 A new grouping of three flowers in a vintage Jello mold makes a fun and useful pincushion. Purchase at  https://idasideas.etsy.com/listing/...