Christmas Stocking Pattern

Here is the new Stocking Doll pattern. I had a lot of fun designing, AND it was also a lot of work! Again I had expert help and a wonderful little model. This is a really fun pattern!


Fran and Friends---The next two patterns

I just finished the Stocking Dolls for the pattern. This is Fran without her hair bows. I think she turned out really sweet! She has her own handbag which matches her shoes. (not pictured)

I have finished six which will be the cover photos and the other models for the pattern. One was made in order to take the process photos for the instructions.

Below is the cover of the Child's apron pattern which was finished in the Spring of this year.


I have to admit that I haven't posted because I forgot which name I logged in under and couldn't post. Finally I figured it out.

Fran and Friends Apron Pattern
I finally was able to get the apron pattern finished and out this spring. This is one of the samples.

 Fran and Friends Stocking Doll Pattern
 I'm wrapping up the Stocking Doll pattern which is a Christmas Stocking with an adorable little girl on the front. I'm finishing the ruffles and hanging loops and linings today on the five that I'm making for the pattern and displays. The directions and patterns are almost finished and then I will need the photoshop and other professional help to get it ready for printing!

I found this beautiful Shasta daisy at Western Gardens. I just had to bring it home. I found a spot to plant it by my front door and added the Tufa hands that I made on my birthday. Don't they look like they're holding the bouquet of daisies?

Two sets finished and packed

I wanted to pack them in a see through box and we had these on hand so... Here is one set. The other one is very similar.