Shower Posies

Looking for a fun shower gift that can be put together fairly quickly? Using 3 knitted dishcloths--roll two of them up to look like roses (pin together with straight pins). Tie the other dishcloth around a bar of soap with a ribbon. Put skewers or chopsticks in them for the stems. Cut the leaves and calyx  from felt with pinking shears. Add a kitchen gadget or two and put them in a cute teapot or basket with floral foam inside to hold them up.


Doll Purse---from the beginning

This is the first doll purse I created from fabric. I started working on a pattern last year and now have finally had it printed. (photo to come soon) When my daughters were little, I was given an old industrial Singer walking foot machine which could sew leather and vinyl. With scraps of "naugahyde" I created a similar purse for them (the purses no longer exist). What I tried to do is recreate that purse in cotton fabrics thirty some odd years later. It has been an interesting experience and a lot of hard work as you who have created a pattern know. I have had so much help with photography, layout, editing, computer expertise in Photoshop, and general good ideas and comments which have helped me get it finished. Thanks to all of you!

Two sets finished and packed

I wanted to pack them in a see through box and we had these on hand so... Here is one set. The other one is very similar.